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KÖHL Group

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Solutions with Power


SafeEnergy MCC

Safest power distribution system with maximum mechanical design and constructive accidental arc fault protection

PowerEnergy MCC

Designed by the specialist for accidental arc fault protection!

MODAN® switchgear system

Intelligent, safe energy distribution.

Air-insulated medium voltage switchgear system

SF6-gas insulated medium voltage switchgear system


the detector for heat stress in switchgear systems

Power Arc Reduction Technology

Arc fault protection for medium voltage switchgear systems by high-per formance thyristors

Power Arc Reduction Technology

Fast, active arc fault extinction systems for low-voltage switchgear

High-Tech System for Biogas Plants

Innovative and modular control centre for the efficient operation of biogas plants.



Robotic Systems

Robot systems

Comprehensive solutions for complex automation systems


From the stand-alone solution to the networked production and up to the ready-for-dispatch product.


Efficient Production Automation even in the Rough Environments!


Comprehensive automation solutions developed by specialists for the refractory industry!


From the specialist for System Integration

Individual logistics components come together to form a whole. Only smart interlinking will result in a workable system!

Fault-free pallets ensure the proper flow of goods

The automated Empty Pallet Checker LPK365 checks Euro- and half pallets for stability and dimensional accuracy.


MOM95- for the efficient interoperability between the business and production level

WMS - Navigation

WMS - Navigates through your stock depot with our innovative warehouse managment system

FCS - Innovative forklift control system

FCS - Our innovative forklift control system optimizes in plant goods transport.

EAC data coupler

EAC - Our EAC data coupler collects and adapts important process data between the production equipment and the plant management level.

PTS - Systematic tracing

PTS - Systematic tracing through secure and distinct identification - as individual as your process!

PTS - Eindeutige Kennzeichnung

PTS - Eindeutige Kennzeichnung von Formsand mit Laser-Roboter-System im Mercedes-Benz Werk, Mannheim

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Just-in-time für Lebensmittel

Jobreport 21

Pallets Conveying System for material storage and finished goods storage

Jobreport 22

Fully-Automatic Transport of Tobacco Bales

Jobreport 23

More Capacity Due to High-Bay Racking Systems

Jobreport 24

Ordnung und Raum für Türen und Zargen

Jobreport 25

Safe material flow of tobacco bales

Jobreport 26

Hi-tech high-rise warehouse with innovative logistics for palleting and production

Jobreport 27

KÖHL‘s fully automated high-bay warehouse combines three storage types in one.


The new tobacco division of the KÖHL Group


The gentle reclaiming process without degradation and contamination

Dual Champer Processing DCP

Compact Multipurpose Processing Unit

TSR - Tobacco String Remover

Cleaning of leaf tobacco without any damaging effect

Fluidized Bed Dryer WT

Optimal drying process unit for cut rolled expanded stems - efficient and homogeneous

Tobacco Cooling Conveyor

Gentle treatment process for optimal tobacco cooling

Gravity Feeding

Cut Tobacco Feeding Solutions

FAS Flavour Application System

The first on the market special unit for single- and/or twin-track makers

Blending and Storage Silos

Individual and suitable silos according to your requirements

Bundle Perforation Unit

Foil per foration for a comfor table bundle unwrapping experience.

Building technology

Facility Management

We keep you covered!

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