Energy Management

Eco.On Energymanagementsystem

Sparing use of resources with a simultaneously increasing need for energy and rising energy costs call for a professional energy management system. Eco.On makes possible meaningful analyses and evaluations by which considerable potential for savings can be realised. Furthermore, successful energy management is to be understood as a continuous process of optimisation in the company. It includes integrated energy planning with the resulting improvement measures for increasing energy efficiency. In addition, the introduction of an energy management system is becoming more and more important due to statutory regulations.

Eco.On is your sustainable and integrated energy management system, which fulfils the requirements of the DIN ISO 50001 standard. It makes company energy needs and consumption transparent and supports processes and procedures to achieve set targets.

Eco.On makes it possible for you to record and analyse the use of energy and energy consumption, as well as determining the variables which affect this for all media, such as electricity, gas, water, heat or compressed air.

Complex processing and production processes impose specific requirements for efficient energy planning. Eco.On is convincing here due to its intelligent, scaleable structure, which portrays even complex consumption situations clearly.

Optimizing operating processes through more efficient energy usage with reduced costs is the main priority at all stages of Eco.On energy management. Eco.On instigates a long-term, profitable energy policy at all levels of the company.

Eco. On supports you with certification in accordance with the DIN ISO 50001 standard.

The effective Eco.On improvement process is based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle described in the standard. Eco.On guarantees efficient energy policy from introduction through implementation to monitoring and regular evaluation by senior management.

Eco.On is available everywhere, every time.

Clear visualisation and intuitive operation contribute to the user friendliness of Eco.On. Communication is “to go” on Smartphone or at the workplace. By automation of information flows, all users from the production level to the CEO can receive their detailed overview of energy consumption and costs at all times. This means that it is possible to react quickly to changed situations.

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