Efficient, intelligent energy distribution up to 6300 A

With the tried and tested MODAN switchgear units, KÖHL offers under licence from EATON safe energy distribution and process-oriented control and automation functions up to 6300 A. MODAN is a type-tested switchgear combination (PSC) to IEC/DIN 61439 and meets high Form 4 process control and energy distribution demands. KÖHL makes and supplies MODAN in plug-in and plug-in versions in protection classes IP30/31 and IP 54 and with extra personal protection.

ARCON arc protection

Arcing cannot be ruled out completely, even with type-tested system technology: so MODAN switching fields are fitted with the proven ARCON safety system, which quenches arcing in less than 2 ms, reducing system downtime to a minimum and ensuring personal protection.

  • Cable/rail connections systems from top and bottom
  • Switch protection units can be fitted from NH00 to NH3
  • Plug-in technology can be replaced live
  • Plug-in technology means working units can be replaced live
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