The safest energy distribution up to 2500 A with maximum mechanically designed arc proofing

Popular for their economy over their whole life cycle, KÖHL low-voltage switchgear units with their arc protection technology are designed for worst case conditions. With innovative products and solutions along the energy conversion chain, they guarantee energy efficiency in industrial applications and in buildings. ModuCon is the world's only low-voltage switchgear unit which has withstood arcing trials under exacerbated conditions well beyond the standard. This modular Safety Motor Control Centre was designed jointly with DuPont, whose safety at work standards are rated particularly highly. ModuCon has exceeded the highest testing requirements from clients and the new standards IEC/DIN EN 60439-1 and IEC/DIN 61439-2, Annexe 2. The test indicators in the function and equipment installation rooms did not catch fire when tested.

By leading arcing via special pressure relief channels, ModuCon prevents it affecting adjacent operating areas or jumping over. Its modular design means you can configure it as you need. The individual fields are available in protection classes IP 31-41, and can be combined at will. ModuCon offers flexibly configurable working units, and is designed to be subdivided internally down to Form 4b. The favourably designed position of the overhead busbar means the switchgear units can be extended left or right. 

Our innovative, unique ModuCon safety strategy represents the highest possible personal and system protection in energy distribution today.

  • ModuCon limits arcing to the area where it originates
  • Type tested to the new standards IEC/DIN EN 60439-1 and IEC/DIN 61439-2, Annexe 2
  • Arcing is guided via special pressure relief channels to prevent it flashing over to neighbouring working areas
  • Safe operation to testing through plug-in technology in a two-way travelling contact system with special ModuKey
  • Foot point free design
  • Contact points and busbar runs are specially insulated
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