Power package up to 4000 A from the arc protection specialists

ModuPro is designed for energy distribution up to 4000 A. Our arc protection Safety Motor Control Center has not just passed the test criteria of the new standard IEC/DIN EN 61439-2 incl. the criteria of Annexe 2, but far exceeded them.

ModuPro limits the effects of arcing on the working area and ensures a high level of personal and plant protection. What characterises ModuPro is that it’s design puts the busbar at the back, as a package in the fixed 'rucksack', so field changes can be made quickly as required in a worst case event.

ModuPro uses plug-in technology in a two-way travelling contact system with special ModuKey keys, which rules out accidents due to human error while pushing in. ModuPro offers flexible configuration operating units and is designed to be subdivided down to Form 4b. Its modular design offers a wide range of individual configuration options. Individual fields are available in protection classes IP 31-41 and can be combined at will.

  • ModuPro, tested to IEC/DIN EN 61439-2, limits arcing to the working area
  • Rear-mounted busbars are designed as a package in a fixed 'rucksack'. Field changes can be made quickly
  • Earthquake-proof > 7 on Richter scale
  • Safe to operate through to test position thanks to plug-in technology with a two-way travelling contact system with special ModuKey
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