MediPower KMP A3

Air-insulated medium voltage switchgear

Our air-insulated MediPower KMP A3 is type-tested to new standard IEC 62271-200 for interior setup. Its modular space-saving design means it can be used by utility companies and industrial applications.

MediPower KMP A3 meets arcing qualification IAC AFLR 40 kA, 1s. As the technology leader in safe efficient energy distribution, KÖHL's MediPower KMP A3 offers maximum personal and operating protection.

  • Power switchgear field with vacuum power switches (run-out)
  • Lengthways connections with vacuum power switches (run-out)
  • Change-up field with and without testing
  • Busbar metering field with and without busbar earthing
  • Motor field with vacuum protection (run-out)
  • Rated data: 17.5kV 630…3150 A to 40 kA(3s)
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