Thermal observation RFID

The demands on personal and plant protection in electrical energy distribution are increasing across all industries, and worldwide. What people want are products and systems which design reliability of supply and economy efficiently.

With our high level of skills in the energy market and experience, KÖHL is developing the technology for this which often becomes the vanguard of the energy market. The latest product from KÖHL's innovation foundry is TOR - "Thermal Observation RFID". This monitors and displays the stresses heat stress causes to systems.

TOR makes your maintenance easier, can be retrofitted and is the most advanced solution for energy efficiency. TOR was developed jointly with the Institut Fraunhofer IPMS. Designed as TAG with integrated high-performance chip and associated reader and dipole aerial, TOR sends precise data on thermal content and/or potential fault sources in plants, which are used friendly and can be called up on your mobile using the KÖHL app, for example.

  • TOR is mounted on bolted busbar system joints
  • TOR sends precise details of a system's thermal budget via UHF
  • Data sent as sensor values via IEC 61850 protocol
  • You can all up all data via your mobile using the KÖHL app for that purpose at any time
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