Empty pallet checking system (LPK)

KÖHL offers a fully-automated checking system which surpasses current market requirements. This system checks Euro- and half pallets for their load bearing capacity and high shelf stackability. Individually configurable and customisable sorting criteria allow for the correct assessment and sorting of the pallets according to their intended use. The system can check up to 365 Euro pallets or 450 half pallets per line per hour, depending on the module configuration.

It consists of one conveyor unit for restacking the empty pallet stack, one checking line, and a subsequent sorting unit. The empty pallet stack is transported by way of highly reliable and robust conveyor technology. In the pallet destacker, the stacks are separated and the pallets are fed onto the checking line. Depending on the requirements, several checking lines can be installed in parallel. The system ensures that only fault-free pallets will be fed into the material flow (palletising and conveying systems, high-stack stores and shelf operating units).


  • Empty pallet checking system
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