Part Trace System

Maximising production transparency at the foundry

When it comes to driving innovative Technologie, KÖHL's Part Trace System sets new standards. This system is used to identify parts uniquely in the foundry industry. Being able to trace castings back systematically thanks to unique, reliable ID data ensures perfect production analysis and maximises production transparency.

Marking castings permanently and uniquely makes processes highly reliable, so the production parameters involved in making castings can be traced with absolute certainty. Linking data recorded locally with a database and reflecting the material flow via the KÖHL data management system complete the requirements of a modern foundry.

  • Laser-applied ID numbers make components uniquely identifiable
  • Castings can be recognised by scanning
  • Individual customised parameter software
  • KÖHL data management system means process parameters can be analysed easily
  • Used in the automotive, steel, aluminium and ordinary ceramics industries
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