Reporting System

Analyse and archive production data

The Köhl reporting system makes it possible to evaluate the production quickly and in a goal-oriented manner.

Using an interface to the SCADA systems, process parameters, sensor values and alarm messages are registered, processed and archived by the Reporting System. The archive server enables fast data access, independent from the production.

Users can analyse individual batches, compare batches, carry out long-term analyses and export reports. The Trending function makes it possible to visually display value ranges as curve charts.
The system's web-based surface can be accessed via intranet and does not need to be installed at the users' location.


  • Flexibility thanks to user-specific configurations and the creation of templates
  • Efficient working using filter-, search- and grouping functions
  • Visual display thanks to zoomable and configurable diagrams
  • Invalid batches and parameters are highlighted by defining nominal and limiting values
  • Definition of own analysis variables (e.g. CpK) with integrated formula editor
  • Export functions for all data in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and CSV
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