Tobacco technology


Your tobacco deserves the best treatment possible. Therefore HEINEN KÖHL developed individual conditioning processes for lamina and stems.

Direct Conditioning Cylinder (DCC)

Loosening and Enriching of Tobacco

The HEINEN KÖHL DCC is designed for providing the best achievement in direct conditioning and opening of any type of lamina leaves and strips.

Before the start of the process a heat exchanger is used to pre-heat the drum. Free steam is directed into the duct in order to regulate the tobacco temperature while the process is running, and this quickly influences the climate in the drum.Inserted lamina slices will be gently loosened and opened by paddles and pins within the rotating cylinder. The lamina becomes most pliable that is achieved in a concurrent of hot and oversaturated air, which surround the lamina slices from all sides ensuring an even and rapid absorption of moisture.

The next processing step within the cylinder is the additional moistening of the conditioned tobacco. A dual nozzle applies water and steam into the tube of turning tobacco to raise the moisture content to the favoured level.The internal of the cylinder is designed with rounded edges allowing effective cleaning after the process.

A fittings cabinet with sliding front doors is positioned next to the drum. Separating panels are used to divide it into areas for supplying the DCC with steam, water and compressed air.

Direct Conditioning Cylinder Casing (DCC-C)

Additionally our basic DCC can be extended for a complete process of conditioning and casing tobacco. The HEINEN KÖHL DCC-C is equipped with a complete application for spraying casing on tobacco, with a dual nozzle for casing and steam in the outlet hood. The metering systems for casing and steam are integrated in the extended fittings cabinet. The supply lines for sauce and steam are thermally insulated.


Perfect for conditioning of stems

The TWISTER is a compact multipurpose process unit developed by HEINEN KÖHL for various treatments of tobacco products in the primary area. In the TWISTER the innovative method of continuous mini-batch processing is applied. 

TWISTERis most efficient for conditioning of shorts and stems. Its multifunctional use is realized by rotating of two specially designed star wheels and generation of air/steam turbulences inside the TWISTER. A tobacco flow is built up and can optimally be adjusted to the chosen process. By side jet nozzles the tobacco is continuously and gently impregnated with the designated medium within the cells of the star wheels.

Various tobacco products can be conditioned by TWISTER
  • Conditioning: Cigar Filler, Stems, Cloves, Shorts, Expanded Tobacco Products

The Twister stands for low energy consumption, small footprint and especially for best practise in service and maintenance. The design of the wheels and the mode of operation, allows no build-ups or product accumulation inside the TWISTER.


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