Tobacco technology


Cooling down the tobacco via multiple conveyors and long distances is one way. The best way for cooling down the tobacco is the fast and gentle cooling process of HEINEN KÖHL.

Tobacco Cooling Conveyor (TCC)

Stay cool

HEINEN KÖHL has developed a gentle treatment process which has optimized the cooling of tobacco. The tobacco cooling conveyor improves the cooling process after the tobacco dryer and keeps the tobacco quality. Because the tobacco is not moved, mechanical stress on tobacco -that causes particle degradation- does not exist. The cooling air will be sucked from the top through the tobacco and the belt into the extraction funnels.

Further advantages:
  • Tobacco savings: no movement / no degradation / no dust
  • Flavour material savings: reduction of evaporation
  • Quality improvements: larger percentage of long tobacco fibres > 4 mm
  • Filling power increase: quick fixing of the filling power after drying



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