Tobacco technology

Expansion and Drying

Innovative ideas paired with low energy consumption make the expansion and drying solutions of HEINEN KÖHL to the best choice for your efficient production.

Steaming Tunnel

Steam bath for tobacco products

The steaming tunnel is a versatile and reliable device for exposing the tobacco to a treatment with steam. The capacity range of the steaming tunnel from HEINEN KÖHL can vary up to 10.000 kg/h and for low capacity production the steaming zones can be switched off.

For the process three options are available: Expansion of cut lamina and cut stems, conditioning of stems and steaming of strips and stems.

The steaming tunnel of HEINEN KÖHL mainly consists of:
  • steel base frame
  • vibrating steaming tunnel with nozzles
  • exhaust hoods with regulating flaps, (optionally) exhaust duct and exhaust fan
  • service cubicle

The frame of the vibrating steaming tunnel is made of carbon steel and mounted on spring elements. The motion is generated by the cranked drive mechanism. The three insulated steaming areas are equipped with nozzle holes and covered with an insulated lid which can be opened for cleaning purpose. The steaming tunnel itself is made of stainless steel, such as all components of the exhaust system.

The service cubicle is equipped with a central interface to the customer´s utilities. The modes can be switched between automatic pre-heating, automatic production with steam consumption control, automatic cleaning cycle and manual nozzle control.

TWISTER - Expansion (DCP-E)

The storming dual chamber process

The Twister is a compact multipurpose process unit developed by HEINEN KÖHL for various treatments of tobacco products in the primary area. In the TWISTER the innovative method of continuous mini-batch processing is applied.

Twister is most efficient for expanding cut rag and stems. Its multifunctional use is realized by rotating of two specially designed star wheels and generation of air/steam turbulences inside the Twister. A tobacco flow is built up and can optimally be adjusted to the chosen process. By side jet nozzles the tobacco is continuously and gently impregnated with the designated medium within the cells of the star wheels.

Various tobacco products can be expanded by TWISTER
  • Expansion: CRES, Cut Rag, Cigar Filler, MYO

The Twister stands for low energy consumption, small footprint and especially for best practise in service and maintenance. The design of the wheels and the mode of operation, allows no build-ups or product accumulation inside the Twister.


Gas Heated Drying

Efficient and gentle drying processes

This very day HEINEN KÖHL offers efficient equipment, which is particularly suited to the treatment of dark tobaccos and Roll Your Own/Make Your Own.

The cylinders display following features:
  • a wide capacity range
  • high evaporative power at optimal energy consumption
  • high throughput rate at constant final moisture content
  • wide control range of the drying process temperature
  • no negative tobacco taste impact
can be designed for two operating modes:
  • drying – combined heating of the wall and the process air, harmonised together
  • toasting – direct heating of the cylinder wall

Steam Heated Drying

The energy supply in a steam heated dryer is arranged by means of the double bottom wall and shovels where overheated steam flows through. The steam is brought into the dryer via a rotary distributor that is connected to the segments of the heating wall by pipes. Tobacco is elevated by the rotating paddles and slides down inside the cylinder while coming in contact with the hot atmosphere. The evaporating water is carried away out of the dryer by dry hot air that is prepared in a heat exchanger.

Fluidized Bed Dryer (FBD)

This drying principle is based on up-streaming hot air that flows through the holes of a vibratory conveyor and lets the tobacco hover as a homogeneous fluidized carpet inside the hood. The tobacco looses its moisture to the air and is transported toward the outlet by the vibratory conveyor. The hot air is generated by two energy units - one for each drying section - which can be connected to the dryer in a close or in an open loop.

In the close loop only 20% of the exhaust loaded with water leaves the system while 80% of the air and consequently energy stay inside the system. A vibratory conveyor transports the tobacco in an even layer through two drying zones. In the energy units the process air is cleaned from dust particles and is heated to the requested drying temperature. In addition it guarantees a continuous fresh air supply and a permanent exhaust discharge for perfect water load in the process air.



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