Tobacco technology

Feeding Solutions

As the feeding process has nothing to do with separating different sized tobacco particles, HEINEN KÖHL uses the principle of gravity feeding to avoid tobacco degradation.

Gravity Feeder (GF3/GF6)

Pure Feeding Without Tobacco Degradation

The core of the complex feeding solutions are the Feeders. The functional principle of the HEINEN KÖHL Gravity Feeders GF3 and GF6 uses metering tube, metering belt and the dosing doffer as main components. This design guaranties a very gentle handling of cut tobacco and a non-measurable degradation as well as a permanent dosage of the tobacco amount in relation to the maker´s needs.

The complete system is subordinated to the maker. The feeder automatically sends the needed dose of tobacco by continuous motion of the tobacco flow. The air intake supports the tobacco flow and keeps it in movement for the pneumatic conveyance.

The GF3 and GF6 feeders are well suited for feeding of 1 to 6 cigarette makers.


Gravity Feeder PDF

QuadFeed (QF4)

The HEINEN KÖHL QuadFeed QF4 is a pneumatic feeder performing at high speed and is designed to feed uniformly up to four cigarette makers. The QuadFeed QF4 is a unique feeder due to the usage of guiding plates with quick configuration response to tobacco demand of the makers connected.

Depending on the activated feeding pipes the plates find the right constellation and so guide the tobacco flow to the pipes. Vacuum switches are installed at the feeding pipes to control the process and detect blockages at the feeding pipe inlet.

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